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Why are UK orders not shipped directly from Greece?

With Brexit it has become impossible for a small business like us to produce in the UK and ship worldwide without being subject to customs and import duties which would have to be paid for by you, the customer. This lead us to the decision to manufacture all products in Greece with the EU being one of our main markets.

However, this also means that UK orders first have to be shipped in bulk to the UK Studio from where we then send the individual orders to the UK customers. While this extra 7 to 10 days shipping (thats the time for a bulk Fedex shipment to travel from Greece to the UK) means UK customers have to wait a bit longer before we can send each order individually via Royal Mail 1st class, it does mean we can assure customers in the UK not to have to pay for customs and import duties since we sort the border crossing out for you.

I hope this helps in understanding why we made this decision and without a doubt, if we can, we will start manufacturing in the UK too in order to avoid this cross border shipping and make next day delivery available to UK customers as well. For now, this is still quite a distant target as the prices everywhere are going up and we only have budget for R&D in the UK Studio. 

On the upside, this has let our R&D come up with some exciting new products which we will be releasing in the coming month. 

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