Codify Infotech

About us


Mark / CEO and Founder

Mark is your classic Entrepreneur.  Everything that starts as a hobby becomes a successful business, in some form or another.

He’s walked quite a few different lives over his career(s) but one thing is for sure, he’s always one step ahead of the pack when it comes to technology.

During his time at the Technical University of Vienna he founded his first company (Computer Professional) in Vienna in 1993, specializing in IT outsourcing for small to medium sized businesses which he sold in 2001 and moved to Ibiza, where his passion as a DJ soon turned into a Residency at Pacha.  He was, of course, the first DJ on the island to start using MP3’s with Final Scratch and promoted the now standard Native Instruments DJ tool onto the worlds dancefloors.

His next company was the Kitesurfing tourism industry disruptor,, which he founded with, his now, wife Sarah in 2010 after discovering the undiscovered Gokova Bay in Turkey.

In 2013, before drones were a thing, Mark was building his own, along with various model aeroplanes, and flying them over Gokova Bay to get aerial footage for advertising.  Posting the videos on YouTube caught the eye of a local school teacher who also happened to be into flying model aircraft and so a new friendship and business was born.

Mark and Can went on to develop an autonomous wing drone capable of covering approximately 500sqm for Orthophotography, which they used for the local municipality to seek out illegal building and to record archaeological sites.

From here Mark then become part of the team at Aselsan, Turkey, where alongside another hobbyist friend, Murat, he developed an autonomous aerial platform for radar testing, specialising in skimmer missiles, with a model jet.

This work caught the eye of BestGrup in Ankara, who Mark then joined in 2015 to expand their defense products.  He designed, developed and oversaw the serial production of a multipurpose drone – this is where it all gets very technical, geeky and confidential, so we will leave it there.  Let’s just say it was a first!

In 2018 MVH Studios was born due to Marks dislike of the Logitech stock wheel.  He will happily tell everyone it was born out of two winters of gaming, after a move to Greece, and trying to figure out what to do next.

Once the ball started rolling it really has not stopped which brings us to today… so watch this space, there is so much more to come from our Founder and his team.



Sakis / Manager - Greece

Sakis joined MVH Studios in 2019, when it was a fledgling of a start-up, helping Mark with the leather grips.

Mark and Sakis met by chance, at the local shoe repair shop, and quickly became friends.  Sakis soon found himself wrapped up in the growth of our Lefkada print farm, helping Mark find larger premises as he outgrew the basement at home.

Before Mark left for the UK he and Sakis worked closely together, servicing the printers, building the wheels, putting leather on the grips and packing and shipping, they did everything!  Apart from Mark, no one knows the full process as well as Sakis!

Sakis now manages and runs our Greek Print Farm and the product assembly teams, still working closely with Mark but allowing him time to develop new products and manage the UK arm of the business.

A gamer since 1992 Sakis Studied at the Technological Educational Institute in the field of Automation.  Originally from Thesonaliki, Sakis has been living on Lefkada since 2011.



Filippos / Air-conditioning/Ventilation & Product Assembly

After finding himself unemployed in Xanthi, Filippos moved to Lefkada to join MVH Studios in March 2020.

3D printers generate a lot of heat which is where Filippos comes in.  Being an air-conditioning and Ventilation engineer, he is responsible for keeping the printers happy ensuring that the factory is always running at optimal temperatures throughout the year.  When he’s not working on the ‘heat’ he’s busy building wheels.



Tasos / Printer Maintenance & Servicing

Tasos joined us in September 2020.  Due to his background in Electronics, spending many years repairing coin operated machinery, in Thessaloniki, Tasos keeps the 3D printers running by maintaining and servicing them.



Giannis / Printer Maintenance & Servicing

Giannis also joined MVH Studios in September 2020, as a part time gig in between helping at the family restaurant.  It soon became apparent the Giannis was a quick learner and had found something that he wanted to be more involved in.

Giannis now works full time alongside Tasos, maintaining and servicing the printers.



Andreas / Product Assembly

Andreas is the ‘chief of talking’, building wheels and keeping everyone lively in the workshop (he only stops talking to breathe!).

A military man of 18 years, he certainly knows how to keep the troops going.  He joined us in November 2020 and the workshop has definitely been livelier for it!



Marton / Technical Engineer

Mark found Marton, or did Marton find Mark?  Sometimes the universe aligns, and it really doesn’t matter.

Marton has been using a steering wheel with a PC, probably, longer than he has been using a mouse and has upgraded/modified just about every affordable wheel released.  He’s modified so much over the years he essentially ended up building a car in his home.

Between Marks ingenuity and electronics background and Martons love of finding uses from everyday items and background in IT, they have designed and developed some great new products that will be released very soon.



Erion / Product Assembly

Erion joined us in February 2021 and has many strings to his bow, such as being a professional diver.  Being handy with tools, Erion is now part of our Product Assembly team.



Marios / Fulfillment

Marios is the last set of hands on MVH Studios products before they leave the workshop.  He makes sure your orders are complete then packs and ships them. 

Marios joined us recently and is proving to be another great team member.


The Gripmakers

The unsung heros of MVH Studios, who’s delicate handywork and attention to detail, gives you the perfect leather, suede and Alcantara grips, which made MVH Studios stand out from the rest, right from the beginning.

They are (in no particular order): Irene, Dimitris, Thanos, Athena, Litsa, Dimitra, Rebecca and Entri.