Codify Infotech

Last Order Date for Pre Christmas Deliveries

Christmas Orders

Please be aware that we currently need 14-19 days to produce a Series One Steering Wheel. Due to high demand we expect that this will change to longer production times than usual. In order for your order to arrive before Christmas we suggest you make the order no later than the 22nd of November 2021.

If you make the order after that date, it still might make it before Christmas but with the massive delays on supplies for our builds and shortage of delivery drivers, it is not a sure thing.

Smaller items (our accessories) do not have to be ordered as early. Lead time for those is under 1 week.

Shipping times will vary from country to country but we use Fedex/TNT couriers which have been far faster and more reliable than local mail services. On average the shipping inside the EU is 5 days and for Americas/Canada/Asia it can take about 10 days.