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Returns and Exchanges

We gladly accept returns, exchanges and cancellations. Contact us within: 14 days of delivery Return items back within: 30 days of delivery Request a cancellation within:  10 days of purchase.

Conditions of return

Buyers are responsible for return postage costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.


If you have any issue with our products, please contact us and if possible, provide a photo of the problem. While all our products are hand made and custom made, we pride ourselves in making sure that our customers are getting the best possible after sales support. If something brakes during shipping, install or up to a year after the purchase date, we will send you a replacement for the parts, free of charge.


We ship internationally, tracked and signed where possible. Please be so kind and always add a phone number to your address as we often use a courier service to ensure delivery can be door to door, due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Please be aware that for some countries even DHL shipping is not an option at the moment. If you are not sure, please ask us.

All EU orders are shipped ex Greece (our EU printfarm is located there) so there will be no issues with Brexit, customs or import duties. All UK orders are shipped from the UK to avoid import and customs duties for our customers. However, due to Covid related delays in supplies, we might have to make exceptions and sometimes ship from the UK to the EU. Should you have any problems or customs duties to pay, please get in touch with us so we can work out a solution for you.

Shipping delays

Due to the effects of the pandemic, all shipping companies are under very high work loads which can cause unusually long shipping delays. Please email us with your order number if your package has not arrived on time or has gone missing so we can help by either sending a replacement or a full refund.

More Custom Options

When I started MVHStudios in 2019 I could not have imagined how popular my products would become. This however meant I had to cut back on making every order a custom order for the time being. I am however working on changing that so that very soon you will be able to get a fully customized wheel with your logo, vinyl and colours again.

Is this handmade?

While the main parts are 3D printed, everything else is handmade. From the suede leather grips to the vinyls, hand painted or sprayed and SLA printed components.

How long does it take to ship?

Good news, we are catching up and can pretty much finish your order the next day. At the moment we can just about make that time frame but it depends on how many orders we get rushing in. Please do message us if you need an update - we will answer every message.

How durable are these wheels?

You can watch videos to demonstrate the strength of our wheels here and here.

How durable is the suede leather?

The leather is very tough wearing goat suede and should be treated just like suede leather shoes. You do not need to use gloves but from time to time it is a good idea to wipe them down with water and give them a good brush with a suede brush. Also note that suede is dyed in black and especially new suede will transfer some of that dye if you have sweaty palms. Use a waterproofing spray for suede leather to avoid any stains on your hands or use gloves (cycling gloves are a great and cost effective option).

Do I need leather on my grips?

The polycarbonate grips I make are grippy but for longer drives I recommend using gloves. A good budget solution is to get finger-less cycling gloves or use tennis racket grip tape to wrap the grips yourself.

Do I need the magnetic shifter?

The wheel will work perfectly fine without the shifter and the shifter of course works without the wheel too. So no need to go for the whole thing, you can always get that shifter another time.
But I will tell you, if you never used a magnetic shifter before, you are missing out on the very satisfying, and clearly defined release that the magnets give versus the slightly mushy feedback you get on the standard Logitech micro switches.

What does the brake pedal upgrade do?

It is much harder to build muscle memory for the position of your foot (depth of motion) vs the muscle memory of force applied. That is why in any car you have a progressive, non linear brake pedal. Whether its hydraulic or electronic, that is the same in any car.

Logitech put linear springs in there because its a cost cutting measure and when you produce hundred thousands of a product, saving a few cents on a custom spring vs. an off the shelf linear spring with a rubber block, makes sense.

Our spring will give you a progressive increase in force, making it much easier to find the point of lock up as you hit the brakes.

F1 or GT?

That really depends on your seating position. If you prefer sitting low, the wheel closer to the upper half of your chest, the F1 wheel is better. If you prefer a regular car position, the wheel near your belly, then the GT wheel is better.

Plans (STL files) for printing

Unfortunately we cannot sell the files anymore for a couple of reasons. People would resell them without my permission, we would make revisions (we do that often) and then we get people come to us who did not buy my wheel from us or printed it from old plans, complaining about things not fitting or working, leaving bad reviews in forums, etc. Also please note, we now use a carbon fibre base plate so none of our wheels would work just with the printed parts.

Can you sponsor me or my team?

Eventually yes. As it stands, there is no point in advertising my products because we already cannot make them fast enough, leading to a long waiting list. If we advertise, this list will only grow and frustrate everyone.

Are you still shipping during the Covid restrictions?

Yes. We are trying to keep the production going as normal but like any business, we also rely on suppliers for the materials and shipping companies. These companies are all struggling with keeping their deadlines due to staff shortages, overwhelming demand and local Covid related restrictions. This in turn will also affect our shipping times and building schedules.

Where is MVHStudios located?

We have 2 studios, one in England (West Sussex) and a second one in Greece (Lefkada). A lot of the parts are printed and shipped from Greece up to the UK. Fulfillment (shipping) is done from the UK and Greece.

Do you supply the manufacturer badges?

The telemetry screen takes up all the available space in the middle of the wheels (GT and F1) so we do not offer the logos and badges anymore. You can get those easily on sites such as Etsy, Amazon, Aliexpress and many more.

What does the order status "unfulfilled" mean?

If your order is not yet ready to ship the status is unfulfilled. For steering wheels we need 10 days to complete the build so that status will not change before then and not until it has been shipped to you.

Will you keep me updated with the progress?

As we build your MVHStudios product, we will send you regular status emails telling you what we are currently working on. Once the order is ready to ship, you will of course get a final message with a tracking number for your order as well.

What tools do I need?

To disassemble the Logitech wheel you will need a small or medium sized philips (cross) head screwdriver and a 4MM allen key. For any work on our products you will need a 3MM allen key.

What does the waiting list mean?

We try to avoid using waiting lists but sometimes we simply are overrun with orders or we run out of supplies (this is more common now with supply shortages as well as supply chain problems globally). This is when we stop taking orders and offer you to sign up to a waiting list. Once we can resume production and sales, we then work off the list in the order that the registrations were made.