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The MVH Sequential is a sequential shifter that is fully compatible with Xbox, PS4/5 and PC and can be used on Logitech and Fanatec systems.


Using the Logitech adapter you connect the MVH Sequential to the Logitech H pattern shifter connector (on the bottom of the motorbase) or through our Quick Release system. For Fanatec you use the RJ12 adapter and cable to connect the Sequential to the back of the motorbase.

Design and development

For years Logitech drivers have been looking for a sequential shifter solution. There are many DIY ideas trying to solve the issue. From rubber bands on the Logitech H-Shifter to soldering wires onto the Logitech wheelhub PCB. None of these are easy, reliable and just work. With the development of the our shift port adapter you connect the MVH Sequential directly into the Logitech H-Pattern connector. From there our Sequential now maps onto the 3rd and 4th gear of the Logitech H-Pattern shifter. Depending on how you map those in game, you can now use the sequential as a shifter or as a hand brake (ebrake). This also means it will work on consoles just as well as PC - no added drivers needed!

Quick Release version

If you use our Quick Release System, you can connect the MVH Sequential via our I2C connector which replicates the shift paddles on your Logitech wheel. This means, in games such as Gran Turismo, where you cannot remap the 3rd and 4th gear to become up and down shift repsectively, you simply connect the MVH Sequential and immediately have up and down shift mapped onto it.

Adjustable tension

The MVH Sequential also allows for an adjustment of the actuation with a simple twist of the adjuster screw.

Fanatec support

Using the Fanatec RJ12 adapter, you can use the MVH Sequential as a plug and play shifter for any Fanatec motorbase.

PC Standalone option

The MVH Sequential can also be used as a standalone USB device. The adapter used for this is our Pedal Adapter which also allows for up to 2 MVH Sequentials (one for ebraking, one for shifting) to be connected simultaniously. The Pedal adapter can also be purchased separately as it also allows for use of the Logitech Pedals as a standalone PC device. The Pedal adapter is included in the PC version of the MVH Sequential. Please also refer to the manual for details on how to set up the MVH Sequential with the Pedal Adapter.

Construction and materials

The main housing is FDM printed with carbon fibre PLA and we use multiple shells with high levels of infill, combining structural design and print orientation to make it nearly indestructable. The actuation is done with high quality microswitches and the very satisfying detent is achieved with a steel bearing plunger. The grip is CNC machined aluminium and anodized. The base plate of the MVH Sequential can be mounted to any aluminium extrusion rig, mounting stand or via included table clamp.

Logitech Wheelbase Version

The MVH Sequential will work on the G29 / G923 / G920 and G923 Xbox and any Fanatec system. If you have any doubts, contact our support, live chat or join our Discord server so we can help you identify your wheel base.

Customer Reviews

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Theo Steinberg
Plug and Play

Bought it for my Fanatec setup and it really is just plug and play. The feedback on the shifter is 1000x better than Fanatecs H shifter which I really start to hate using.No brainer - get it.

Please see our support section for detailed manuals, drivers and installation videos here.

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