About MVHStudios

In sim racing many people start with budget equipment. If they want to get more serious or simply enhance immersion, they often have to sell their gear and buy expensive new gear such as direct drive systems and load cell pedals. This makes people hesitate to upgrade or change their setups because it feels like a waste of money since those upgrades only work on one setup.

That's where we come in. We believe you should be able to upgrade your sim racing setup and use it with any system without being stuck with one brand. We started off with the most popular entry level setup, the Logitech G Series, and took what was good in it and made it better.

Whether you get one of our steering wheels, Telemetry Displays or Brake Pedal Load Cell kits, everything works on as many systems as possible and across consoles such as the Playstation and Xbox as well as PC.

For example, by developing our own electronics and software, we created the worlds first and only standalone Telemetry Display that can run on Playstation, Xbox and PC.

All our wheels can be used on consoles as well as PC without loss of button functionality and in many cases, with added features.

Our unique Quick Release system allows for easy integraton of a Sequential Shifter or a Handbrake, even on Playstation and Xbox.

But we do not stop there and also develop equipment on a pro level that resembles the higest of sim racing immersion and quality, such as the Bash Pro. With it we created the worlds first fully integrated H pattern, manual shifter with an active lockout system, fully customisable via our software and tight Simhub integration.

With MVHStudios you can stay on your preferred gaming platform and not miss out on having truly unique racing gear that you will carry on to any future upgrades.