Raceday at MVHStudios

Become a star in an unreasonably priced, simulated car at MVHStudios!

Every Saturday from 11:00 to 16:00 we open the doors at MVHStudios for visitors at MVHStudios in Hampshire where you can try our latest gear and set a laptime on one of our sim racing rigs.

For PC games we have a full motion rig with traction loss setup, Bash Pro active lockout H pattern shifter, Simucube direct drive system, Logitech Pro Pedals and a selection of the MVH Studios wheels. You also have the choice to race either on an ultra wide screen or for total immersion, you can also race in VR using the Meta Quest Pro.

For Playstation we have a static rig with Gran Turismo 7 on a 40 inch TV screen, Logitech G923 with the MVH Quick Release, MVH Sequential shifter, MVH Loadcell for Logitech and a selection of the MVH Studios wheels. Additionally you can also go for total immersion using the latest PSVR2 virtual reality headset.


After choosing your preferred setup and game (PC, Playstation, VR / Screen) you then have 3 laps to set your time (outlap excluded). The best laptime will go on the appropriate leaderboard.

Track: RedBull Ring Austria

Game: Assetto Corsa (PC, manual shifting)

Car: Ferrari GTO 250 (1962)

Driver Lap Time
Marton "Bash" Bakos 1:54.273
Mark "MVH" Naunkovic 1:57.154
Hugh "Chunkz" Slatter 1:59.160
Peter "Dexter" Fajt 2:00.718
Henry "Cpt. Average" Oliver 2:00.740
Dan "Dano" Clark 2:05.266
Sarah "Firsttimedriver" Craddy 2:21.149
Crash Willhappen 2:12.824
Yuki Zoom-oda 2:13.932
Last Lap Lando 2:14.019

Track: Goodwood Motor Circuit

Game: Gran Turismo 7 (Playstation 5, sequential shifting)

Car: Mini (1962)

Driver Lap Time
Mark "SueMe" Naunkovic TBA
Henry "Cpt. Average" Oliver TBA
Hugh "Chunkz" Slatter TBA
Dan "Dano" Clark TBA
Kimi Gimme Gloves TBA
Crash Willhappen TBA
Yuki Zoom-oda TBA
Last Lap Lando TBA
Smooth Operator TBA
Nando the Relentless TBA