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The Fanatec adapter enables you to use our MVH wheels on Fanatec wheelbases such as the DD CSL with all buttons, rotaries, telemetry display and full force feedback enabled.

How does it work?

Fanatec wheelbases do not enable force feedback unless they are attached to a Fanatec wheel. We developed a small circuit board that emulates a Fanatec wheel and then translates the button and rotary inputs to our wheel. The telemetry is also powered directly through the wheelbase, so no cables are needed. It is just plug and go.

Fanatec Quick Release

You will need to purchase the metal version of the Fanatec Quick release (QR1) and not the lite version. This is due to the light version having a pin that limits the direct drive torque and this pin stops mounting the adapter. You can also use our adapter with the metal version of the newer QR2.

Console compatibility

The console compatibility depends on the Fanatec wheelbase if its for the Playstation, not the attached wheel. So if you have a Playstation version of the DD CSL then it will continue to work on the Playstation with our adapter the same way. Xbox is currently not supported.

PC compatibility

The adapter will work without any restrictions on PC using the Fanatec software since our adapter is emulating a Fanatec wheel. This means you can use the Fanatec software to configure your wheelbase and buttons as normal.

MVH Wheel compatibility

The Fanatec adapter can be used on all our wheels (series 1 and series2). However note that our wheels have more inputs than a standard Fanatec wheel so not all buttons and dials can be mapped in console games.


All you need for the installation is included. If you have purchased a direct drive version of our wheels, use the included spacer ring to accommodate the included 40mm M5 bolts. For all other versions, simply follow the installation video.

Customer Reviews

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Fanatec adapter

Purchased the fanatec adapter after talking to mark about compatibility with the csl elite. He assured me if I had any problems I would have an issue free refund. MVH has done it again, my f1s wheel is now working flawlessly on my csl elite. Couldn't be happier with the service provided, ordered Monday evening and I'm using my wheel on the Friday.


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Please see our support section for detailed manuals, drivers and installation videos here.

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