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  • Another great review of the MVHStudios GT Series One Wheel

    Watch the latest review of the Logitech GT Series One wheel on the Youtube channel Gamit Racing to hear what our french customer has to say about i...
  • Fast shipping to Canada, Australia and Japan now with Fedex Express

    We are always trying to improve our time between an order and the moment you can hold it in your own hands. Starting this week we are now able to s...
  • Logitech Series One F1 GT and Telemetry Display review by Karl Gosling

    This time we have Karl Gosling reviewing our Series One line up.
  • Logitech F1 Series One and Telemetry Display review by Geekstreet

    The new review from GeekStreet shows the full installation of our Series One F1 wheel as well as the MVHStudios telemetry display.  
  • Why are UK orders not shipped directly from Greece?

    With Brexit it has become impossible for a small business like us to produce in the UK and ship worldwide without being subject to customs and impo...
  • MVHStudios Update: January 2022

    Latest news on what is happening at MVHStudios: - Christmas orders and waiting lists - Telemetry news - Quick Release - Support team expansion
  • MVHStudios Update: Telemetry Display

    Finally a new video update and this time with a lot of news regarding our new products and upcoming products.
  • A Series One GT Review from Chile by Spectrox

    Having lived in Spain and Venezuela for over a decade, I am always partial to Latin America and it is great to see our wheel being reviewed in Chil...
  • GT Series One Review by Sim Racing Corner

  • GT Series One driving video by Sim Racing Corner

    Jeremy from Sim Racing Corner has just released his driving video of our Series One GT wheel for the G923 Xbox. Full review is coming soon.
  • We are back and the Carbon Fibre plates have arrived

    As some of you know we had a very delayed delivery of our carbon fibre plates which we need for our Series One wheels. The good news is they have n...
  • Summer Break

    MVHStudios is taking a few weeks off for the summer. We will be back first week of July therefore until then the waiting lists will not move forwar...