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With the quick release you can now swap between the stock Logitech round wheel and any of our series 2 and series 1 wheels. It is fully compatible with Playstation 4 / 5, Xbox and PC.

To swap wheels you need 1 motor mount (the part mounted to the Logitech motorbase) and any of our wheels with the correct quick release adapter (S2 adapter is for the F1L Series Two, GTS Series Two and the F1S Series One. The S1 adapter is for the stock Logitech round wheel).

Many sim racers want to be able to immerse themselves in their game and this requires the right wheel. F1 is just not the same with a round wheel and rally drivers cannot go sideways with an open wheel. The Logitech G29, G920 and the newer G923 do not offer a way to change wheels without having to take the wheelhub apart and modifiying it. But all available adapters and solutions are work arounds that introduce loads of play and wobble, often resulting in damaging the wheel base and its internal bearing mount. On top of that, the original buttons and shifter paddles lose all their functionaliy.

From the beginning it was clear, a quick release for the Logitech wheel base would be a monumental task. Even large sim racing companies struggle making a reliable quick release that will not introduce wobble or play. For us, the task was even greater as we needed to create a quick release for a wheel base that was never designed for a swappable system and does not play well with any heavy loads on the main shaft.

The MVH Quick release integrates multiple features solving all the above limitations and adding a multitude of options and functionality. There is no other solution on the market that has solved all these problems in one product.

All our wheels provide their own electronics and do not require the stock Logitech wheel to be used. This allows you to keep your Logitech wheel with all its buttons and paddles while swapping to any of our wheels in seconds.

The compact design of the quick release minimises any additional torque or twist load on the drive shaft. In addition, the motor housing collar is distributing any additional loads via the teflon slip ring. This slip ring is only in contact when needed (for example large diameter rims) and will not lessen the force feedback of the motor base. As an added bonus, this support system will remove or lessen any wobble or play your Logitech G29 / G920 / G923 might have due to a cracked bearing housing.

The MVH Quick Release is based around an automotive grade racing quick release featuring an aluminium alloy locking ring with cast metal interface plates. The custom PCB is sandwiched in between and allows for a reliable connection to the wheel base via a multi pin DB connector. The supporting slip ring is durable PTFE (teflon) and is mounted on the FDM printed wheelbase collar.

The MVH Quick Release is available for the G29, G920, G923 PlayStation and Xbox version. If you have any doubts, contact our support, live chat or join our Discord server so we can help you identify your wheel base.

The Quick Release comes with a full year of no-questions-asked-warranty and a 2 year extended EU warranty.

The installation is easy to do, does not require any wiring or soldering skills and is fully reversible, so it will not void your warranty. The Logitech wheel, pedals, custom wheels and addons are NOT included.

Download the install guide for the wheel base section here.

Download the wheel spacer user instructions here.

Download the Quick Release special features guide here.