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The brand new F1S Series One is a wheel replacement with integrated electronics for the Logitech stock round wheel. At 280mm diameter the overall weight is 300 grams less than the stock Logitech wheel, giving noticeable better force feedback. It features adjustable, magnetic shifter paddles and is fully quick release compatible.


The wheel and the grips are designed to closely match the look and feel of F1 steering wheels, whilst keeping the full functionality of the Logitech buttons, dials and D Pad. The grips are ergonomically shaped and work well with and without gloves. The rim diameter is 290mm, closely matching current F1 rims. Unlike many wheel replacements from other manufacturers, the Series One comes with its own electronics and paddles and yet weighs nearly 300 grams less than the stock round wheel. This allows you to keep your existing Logitech round wheel and using our quick release system, you can swap between both wheels in seconds.


The F1S Series One can be customized to reflect your favourite F1 team with a high quality vinyl sticker for the top carbon fibre plate as well as a customizable, lasercut and engraved, acrylic faceplate. The MVH faceplate and MVH sticker are pre installed and can be replaced in seconds with any of the F1 team faceplates and stickers (sold separately).

Direct Drive Compatibility

The Series One wheel can be used on Direct Drive systems up with up to 8Nm of torque. For stronger direct drives we recommend the F1L Series Two. Using our direct drive adapter (sold separately) you can attach the F1S Series One to any standard 6 hole, 70mm diameter quick release. For Fanatec users we recommend our Fanatec adapter.

Playstation and Xbox

The F1S will work on PS5 and Xbox. Depending on the Logitech wheelbase you have, choose the correct version of the F1S Series 1. Note that while the F1S has many inputs, G920 wheels have less and not all can be therefore mapped. See the gallery for which buttons are mappable.

Quick Release

The F1S Series One is fully compatible with the MVH Quick Release (sold separately) but is not a requirement. The F1S Series One can be also installed as a permanent replacement for the Logitech round wheel.

Carbon Fibre

We now use the latest carbon fiber reinforced PLA with improved stiffness and strength for all our enclosures. PLA-CF exceeds the mechanical properties of standard PLA in bending resistance and impact strength by between 20% and 115%, Additionally we use SLA printers to manufacture the shifter paddles to achieve ABS like properties and finish. The top edge of the wheel is plated with a CNC carbon fibre inlay and the faceplate is a lasercut and engraved, acrylic.

Grip Options

All our F1S wheels come with hand wrapped leather grips.

There are 2 grip options to choose from:

Option A: Black, grade A genuine goat suede leather with 0.9mm thickness

Please note: For Suede leather we highly recommend gloves when racing. Suede is not naturally black so it has black dye applied which when in contact with moisture and oils from your hands, will leave marks.

Option B: Black, smooth artificial/vegan leather (hard wearing and durable as Alcantara) with 0.9mm thickness

The smooth, vegan leather is ideal for racers who prefer not to use gloves.

Logitech Wheelbase Version

The F1S Series One is available for the G29, G920, G923 Playstation 4/5 and G923Xbox. They are not identical, so please choose the correct version. If you have any doubts, contact our support, live chat or join our Discord server so we can help you identify your wheel base.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews

The shifters are very squeaky but other than that its good product


Amazing product, turns the g920 into a real f1 sim racing setup. Obviously not professional grade but definitely a bang for your buck!!

Damir Durakovic

Pretty good


Great product. My son loves it


amazing product for its price, would recommend

Please see our support section for detailed manuals, drivers and installation videos here.

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