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The GTS Series 2 is a full size 320mm round wheel with integrated telemetry display, 22 buttons, carbon fibre magnetic paddle shifters and full console and PC compatibility. Please note, this is the wheel only - it does not include the motorbase or direct drive system.


We want to make sim racing affordable without locking you into an ecosystem. So we designed our Series Two wheels to bridge the gap from entry level sim racing to pro level sim racing by making it possible to use the same wheel on an entry level wheelbase such as the Logitech G29/G920/G923 series and then seamlessly, connect it to a Direct Drive wheelbase from other sim racing brands.


The Series 2 wheel line is compatible with Fanatec (DD1, DD2, CSL DD, DD Pro). We achieved this by integrating our own electronics which emulates the Fanatec wheel electronics, enabling the Force Feedback without the need of a podium hub. You will only require the fitting quick release from Fanatec, depending on your Fanatec wheelbase (the Fanatec quick release is not included) and our Fanatec adapter or our Direct Drive PC USB adapter. Please also note that there are limitations on which buttons and dials can be mapped as the wheel offers more buttons than a standard Fanatec wheel.

Compatibility: Simagic, Moza, Simucube and more

With Series Two we created a wheel that is fully compatible with the Logitech G29/G920 and G923, while also being compatible with Simucube, Simagic, Moza (R16, R9, R5) and any other direct drive system that will accept third party PC based wheels with a 70mm standard 6 hole wheel pattern. We achieved this by integrating our own electronics which when connected to the Logitech G series wheelbase, emulates the Logitech buttons and D-Pad. When connected to a PC via our Direct Drive PC adapter with the supplied coiled cable, it becomes a USB device that is recognized as a Windows game controller.

Playstation and Xbox

The GTS will work on PS5 and Xbox. Depending on the Logitech wheelbase you have, choose the correct version of the GTS Series 2. Note that while the GTS has many inputs, G920 wheels have less and not all can be therefore mapped. See the gallery for which buttons are mappable.

Quick Release

The Series Two is compatible with our quick release system but it is not a requirement and it is not included. Should you wish to use it with our quick release, add the S2 adapter as well as the motor mount to your order. All GTS wheels ship with a permanent connector which directly mounts the wheel onto your Logitech G29/G920/G923.  If you prefer to use the series 2 as your permanent replacement to the stock Logitech round wheel you will not need anything else.

Telemetry Display

The Telemetry display is fully compatible with any game (for example Gran Turismo 7, F1, etc). that provides telemetry data via Wifi. It features the same game support as our popular stand alone Telemetry Display as well as free over the air updates and support. Due to the energy efficient design, the integrated display will not need any cable when used on a Logitech G29/G920/G923.

Strength and Durability

The aircraft grade alloy used for the super light two spoke 320mm rim is hand wrapped and stitched with Alcantara grade artificial leather. The rim features a standard 70mm hole pattern making it usable on most Direct Drive systems. All parts on the wheel can be serviced and swapped out as this is not a glued construction but fully assembled and built by us in the UK.

Carbon FIbre PLA enclosure

We now use the latest carbon fiber reinforced PLA with improved stiffness and strength for all our enclosures. PLA-CF exceeds the mechanical properties of standard PLA in bending resistance and impact strength by between 20% and 115%, Additionally we use SLA printers to manufacture most of the additional parts to achieve ABS like properties and finish.

EU Shipping

If you are ordering from within the EU, you will not need to pay for import duties as we are a registered IOSS company ( IM3720013394 ). We ship from the United Kingdom and for exported items we do not charge any value added tax but are required by law to supply a commercial invoice declaring the value of your order. On import to your country, this invoice is used to calculate any import tax and duties.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Game Changer No.4 - Full Size Wheel!

Well, what can you say apart from they've done it again, a lovely full size GTS Steering Wheel with LCD Telemetry Display for my G29 Base.Beautifully designed, and very well packaged to save from any damage. Assembly like the F1L S2 is pretty much 15-20 minutes and following the videos is really simple, the only thing which is trial and error is the gap or spacers for in my case the quick release kits, but after a few trials it was snug as a bug as they say, but there are more than enough spacers included for you to get it just right.Like the F1L S2, connection for the Telemetry LCD is via Wi-Fi and updating the wheel is straight forward.They really have gone for a quality feel on this one, with a beautiful leather grip and like the F1L S2 the Paddle Flappers have a nice firm feel to them via the magnetic mounts, everything is 3D Printed so quite strong and robust so you don't need to really pull up on them.Buttons feel great and are really well positioned making it easy to not actually look at the wheel when racing.You can opt to buy the Quick Release kits as I did, making it literally seconds to swap over from the F1L S2 or you can direct mount it to the base.For me using this in some of iRacings MX5 races makes it more fun than ever, even if I am quite slow lol.So what more could you really want? The only thing I really want is more steering wheels to add to my collection :)

Theo Steinberg
My second wheel from MVH is a winner

My first G29 lasted me for many years until I decided I would mod it and get a full size aftermarket rim onto it. That was not the best idea because as I soon found out, the Logitech motor housing cracked under the extra stress and weight. Eventually I had to replace it and get another G923 with trueforce and promised myself I would not do that again. Well then I found MVHStudios and their genius quick release which allows for full isze wheels without breaking the motor housing as it supports itself from the outside. That then lead to me looking at the awesome GTS, full size, all buttons and rotaries working and an awesome display to boot! Well what can I say, 3 months in and its all still working perfectly and whats more, I can now switch with the quick release from my GTS to the Logitech wheel in seconds. If you are on the verge of getting it, dont wait, this wheel is awesome.

Full size wheel on a Logitech

Its been many years that I was hoping to get a full size wheel onto the Logitech wheel base without risking it getting damaged. I read loads of posts on Reddit on how people installed aftermarket wheels only to crack the motor base housing because the plastic just couldnt hold the load on the main shaft. But MVH has absolutely solved that issue with their quick release system and because I have upgraded to a Moza system now, I can take the GTS using their usb pc adapter and run that on my Moza R5 with full telemetry support through their simhub driver. Awesome wheel, feels just as good on my Moza as on the G series but of course, the Moza is on a different level when it comes to FFB.

Jason Stillner
What an upgrade!

This is not my first buy at MVH and the GTS is probably not my last! What a difference a proper wheel makes versus the Logitech mini wheel. The buttons are super crisp, the leather is flawless and feels much nicer than the stock wheel. But what makes this an instant buy is that when I do upgrade to a direct drive (probably a Moza) then I can just take this wheel with me! I dont know how they do it but for 200 quid this is a steal!

Series 2

Received my Series 2 Wheel yesterday, tracked delivery and well presented in the box. The wheel is really well made and looks brilliant. I had a slight issue attaching it to my G-29 base as it didn’t come with build instructions but a quick message to MVH and I was sent a link to watch an installation video, a picture of the button lay out and a PDF file on how to link up the display to the wifi. Spent the evening on GT7 with no issues and zero lag between the game and the display.It’ll be great if MVH can develop an app to customise the screen on the wheel so that other information other than what is on the game screen can be displayed (tire temps, fuel levels etc) Great product with lots of possibilities

Please see our support section for detailed manuals, drivers and installation videos here.

All our products come with a 1 year international warranty and a full refund policy.

We also have a very active Discord community where you can talk to the engineering team directly.

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