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MVHStudios Telemetry Display

Yes it took forever but I can finally give more details on our upcoming 3.5" telemetry display. Its a massive step forward from my previous model as it brings more features while simplifying the installation.

First and foremost - its console compatible! Yes, you read correctly, it will work on Playstation and Xbox. We achieved this by designing our own custom PCB that connects to your home wifi network from where it captures the UDP data stream from the game. This does mean the game must offer UDP data (for example F1 by Codemasters) so unfortunately for the time being, this does exclude GTS unless Polyphony comes up with an update.

Being a wifi device also brings us to the next point: We can actually update the telemetry display remotely for you! This means we will be making sure that the display can work with any new games or updates that come out in the future as well.

The telemetry display will of course also work on PC games. For this we have developed our own driver to link it into the super powerful Simhub, making it as simple as possible to integrate it into any racing setup you might already have.

Next we are working on bringing a whole selection of display layouts so that you can customise the display to your liking. At launch we will have 2 defaults available to choose from but over the coming months we will offer more for download via our dedicated server. OTA updates for the win!

Lastly this display will be available with a universal joint that then allows you to get the right attachment for your wheelbase. You will have the choice of mounts for Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec and Simucube.

Now the big question - availability:

MVHStudios is still a small operation meaning that to begin with, we will only have a limited amount of units available for immediate purchase and after that we will open up a pre-order option. Personally I am not a fan of pre-orders as it means I am taking money before I can deliver a product but I want to be totally transparent here: The costs to buy the 3.5" screens and the production of our custom PCBs plus the soldering and assembly leaves very little margin to work with. For example, the 3.5" screen on its own is around 35USD (exlcuding shipping, customs and taxes) and in order for MVHStudios to buy enough stock to just be able to keep to a 1-2 week delay between ordering and shipping to the customer, we are looking at an order volume of around 300 units per month. This is a massive outlay for us and with an overall chip shortage and costs going up everywhere, I am forced to make the choice of either doing a "Fanatec DD limit" or use the pre-orders to cover the stock order costs so that you all can get the display in a reasonable time frame.

 If you have been on our waiting lists for the steering wheels you will have probably noticed how we are now managing to get through the list a lot faster - about 50-100 positions in total per day. We achieved this by expanding my team in Greece, many changes in the production and the Series One wheels design.

The long term goal is to remove these lists entirely and if I can avoid using one for the telemetry display then I will. I know how frustrating it is to have to wait for ages so rest assured, we will work as hard as possible to make enough while keeping the prices honest and fair.

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