Codify Infotech

New product: MVH Sequential

Coming from the same brains that developed our ground breaking Bash Pro, we are bringing out the MVH Sequential.

This is a sequential shifter that not only feels incredibly good and has adjustable detents but also offers compatibility across various motorbases and gaming systems.

Using our Fanatec adapter you can plug the MVH Sequential directly into your Fanatec direct drive system and configure it within Fanatecs app.

Or if you are a Logitech user, you can plug it into the shifter port of your Logitech G Series and use it by mapping the 3rd and 4th gear in game.

Finally you can also have it as a standalone PC USB device by running it through our pedal adapter (included) which allows for up to 2 Sequentials or our S-Brake plus a Sequential to be connected in Windows. You then can configure the second Sequential as an ebrake giving you the full rally setup.


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