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Turning a €20 Hoverboard into a Premium 15Nm Direct Drive Steering Wheel

Have you ever wondered if a cheap hoverboard could be transformed into a premium direct drive steering wheel? The total cost for this project ranges between €100 and €200, and the results are impressive, thanks to the powerful torque and direct drive motor.

Tearing Down the Hoverboard

The build begins by completely disassembling the hoverboard. First, one motor is removed by unscrewing the four bolts securing it to the chassis. Once the motor is out, it is disassembled by removing all the bolts holding it together and taking off the tire.

Modifying the Motor

To modify the motor, the cables are routed through the shaft, and a 3mm hole is drilled to feed a steel rod through, which will transmit motor rotation to the encoder. The motor hall sensors are removed, as they are not needed. Next, a 2mm hole is drilled through the center of the rotor, and a bike spoke is threaded through it.

Reassembling the Motor

Before reassembling the motor, a standard six-bolt pattern used for mounting steering wheels is drilled, and a wheel spacer is attached to the rotor using M6 bolts. The motor is then reassembled by threading the spoke through the drilled hole.

Assembling the Electronics

For the controller, an MKS X Drive mini is used. A brake resistor is soldered to the PCB, and a USB female connector is added. The power cables and the XT60 connector are connected to the board. Next, the magnetic encoder's five-pin connector is soldered to the PCB.

Power Supply and Firmware

A 24V 10A power supply is mounted beside the wheelbase, connected with an XT60 connector. The mounting holes are drilled using a paper template, and the power supply is secured under the desk. The power and signal cables are connected, and the firmware is uploaded to the board. Detailed instructions for firmware upload are available on the FFB website.

Performance and Final Thoughts

The motor is precise, smooth, and will outperform all entry-level non-direct drive steering wheels. It is a DIY project that requires some basic skills but you will not get a cheaper direct drive system than that any time soon.

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