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Finally a true Load Cell for Logitech Pedals

The holy grail for any sim racer is the brake pedal. Nothing will improve your lap times more than being able to get the right pressure on the brakes and being able to trail brake. Just a simple change of the linear spring to our very popular variable pitch spring in the Logitech brake pedal can lead to big improvements but this still relies on the distance the pedal has been moved and not the pressure that has been applied. However, it is very hard to judge the distance you push a pedal with your foot vs. judging the force you need to push it. Hence all professional pedal solutions rely on a load cell and not a potentiometer (linear or rotational makes no difference).

Using our custom electronics our load cell does not invert the signal and therefore works in all games such as Gran Turismo and Forza. It also allows for adjustment in brake pressure with different inserts while both deadzone and saturation can be adjusted in hardware. This allows keeping the whole range of the pedal travel. Naturally on PC you can adjust everything the same way as well as in game.

And because we are using our popular variable pitch spring for the Load Cell, you can get an even better price if you already purchased the spring previously by ordering the Load Cell without the spring. Now go and get that magic quali lap!

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