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Introducing the brand new F1S Series 1

Say good bye to simple wheel replacements

Sim racing enthusiasts, prepare to experience a new level of Formula 1 authenticity with the launch of the MVH Studios F1S Series 1. This meticulously crafted steering wheel replacement transforms your Logitech setup without having to make use of your stock round wheel electronics and shifter paddles!

Feel the Force (Feedback), Shed the Weight

The F1S Series 1 shines with its lightweight design – a full 300 grams lighter than your standard Logitech wheel. This translates to incredibly detailed force feedback, letting you feel every rumble of the track and subtle nuance in your virtual car's handling. From the moment you grip the wheel, custom-designed to mirror the feel of a real F1 cockpit, you'll be ready to set new personal bests.

Authenticity Meets Functionality

MVH Studios understands that immersion isn't just about design. The F1S Series 1 seamlessly retains all your familiar Logitech buttons, dials, and the D-pad while giving you that genuine F1 racing feel. Adjustable magnetic shifter paddles offer lightning-fast gear changes and satisfying tactile feedback, further enhancing the realism of your sim setup.

No need to choose F1 or round wheel - use both!

The MVH Quick Release compatibility lets you switch between wheel styles in seconds for ultimate racing versatility since you can keep your stock round wheel electronics and paddles unchanged!

Personalize Your Cockpit, Built to Last

Express your F1 fandom by easily customizing your F1S Series 1 with high-quality vinyl stickers and a laser-cut, engraved acrylic faceplate representing your favorite team. Beyond aesthetics, this wheel is engineered for the long haul. Its carbon fiber reinforced PLA enclosure, CNC carbon fiber inlays, and SLA resin shifter paddles combine to create a durable, visually stunning piece of racing gear. And for your peace of mind, the F1S Series 1 includes a full-year warranty.

Options for Everyone

MVH Studios offers the F1S Series 1 with either genuine goat suede leather grips (gloves recommended) or a smooth, hard-wearing vegan leather ideal for drivers who prefer to race barehanded. It's currently compatible with Logitech G29, G920, and G923 PlayStation 4/5 bases (Xbox version arriving soon!). Installation is remarkably straightforward – no complex wiring or soldering – ensuring a hassle-free upgrade process and protecting your Logitech warranty.


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