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Will Fanatec Survive?

If you have been following the sim racing world, you will undoubtedly have heard of Fanatec. They have wihtout a doubt shaped the sim racing world like no other company, especially when it came to higher end equipment. While not being the creme de la creme, they did create solid products for sim racers that were willing to spend a bit more than what the entry level Thrustmaster and Logitech setups bring to the table.

But as the company grew, it also had to change and adapt its management and structure. Holding on for far too long to only distribute through their own distribution network / website and trying to compete with the ever increasing pressure from fast, cheaper and more agile companies from China (eg. Moza) by investing heavily in advertising and big name partners such as F1, has not panned out. Added to the overall inflation in 2023/24, their debt has now ballooned to a point where the banks and investors are calling the shots.

Is there a future left for Fanatec?

It is hard to say where this will go for now as it depends entirely on the refinancing options of their outstanding 23+ million euro debt but what should not be ignored is the uncertainty for any future products and any announced products (such as the Bentley wheel in the thumbnail).

Should you buy anything then from Fanatec?

Since you can only purchase from them directly, if there is any issues with shipping, warranty or returns, the risk is high and considering the options from other brands, I think its not the best choice. You do not need to Google very far to find unhappy customers waiting for refunds, orders and warranty claims. But it ain't over yet and if Fanatec does get rescued by investors, there might still be a future for them. If not, then at least there will be a lot of second hand gear on the market and getting a DD CSL for cheap could be a fantastic upgrade for many sim racers.

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