How to buy the perfect Rally Sim racing setup smartly

How to buy the perfect Rally Sim racing setup smartly

Recently, someone in our Discord group asked about the perfect setup for rally sim racing. They specifically wanted an all-out Fanatec setup. We explained that there are some things to consider.

First, Fanatec went bankrupt and was bought by Corsair. This means there won't be a smooth transition or continuation of product supply and development until Corsair completes the takeover. Corsair has to clear a 70-plus million euro debt that Fanatec has accrued, which caused the bankruptcy. So, we won't see any new products until this issue is resolved.

Another important point is support issues with warranties and similar problems. Fanatec has always been a direct-to-customer brand, but now it will have to transition into a global operation like other big players in the gaming electronics industry. This transition will take time and won't be smooth.

What is more, you need to consider that it is unlikely that any new Fanatec products are coming soon as all money will go into clearing debts and restructuring first. We would also not exclude the chance that Corsair has its own ideas about new products, there's a risk that new company changes could phase out older products, making them incompatible with new designs. This is something to keep in mind and they might just let the existing ecosystem die out and make a new one, more in line with their vision and goals.

So, if you're willing to take the risk and use equipment that is already somewhat outdated, like the F1 wheel with its very limited and small segmented LED display (are we still in the 90s here?), then go ahead. But be aware of these potential problems before making your decision.

Nowadays, there are many competitors in simracing offering modern and complete ecosystems. One that comes to mind is Moza. Getting a full setup from Moza might cost the same or even less than a Fanatec setup. Plus, Moza is financially stable, so if you need a warranty or want to upgrade your equipment, it's easier.

If you're on a budget or don't want to spend too much but still want good value, consider starting with an entry-level system like the Logitech G-Series. You can then upgrade key parts. For example, changing the pedal setup to a load cell system can greatly improve your braking and lap times. Additionally, you can make these pedals then work as a stand alone USB device, independent of the G Series wheelbase. This means you can save on having to buy new pedals when you upgrade to a direct drive motorbase.

Another option is to get one of our wheels. Our wheels work even if you upgrade from a geared system like the G-Series to a direct drive system, such as Moza or Fanatec direct drive systems. We focus on cross-compatibility because we believe your equipment should last and be usable with new systems - not be forced to spend more money simply because you changed manufacturer.

We always said that the G Series Logitech is a great bang for your buck, all in one racing setup - it has been on the market pretty much unchanged for over a decade after all. And with the right accessories, you can make it a great setup that does not leave you behind when you start looking into an upgrade path and allows for a smart transition to direct drive systems.

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