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Triple Monitor setup for 200 GBP?

Making a sim racing rig with a triple monitor setup is definitely not doable for 200 GBP but you can simulate it at a fraction of the cost - here is how:

Using a Meta Quest VR headset you can not only play in VR in 3D but also flat screen games. Using the mixed reality pass through on the Quest you can also combine the real world environment with the virtual one but you might prefer doing it in a full VR environment. Either way, you are still playing in 2D and the virtual screen can not only be resized to any size you want but you can also add more screens.

This is where the app Virtual Desktop (also on the Meta Horizon App store) comes in. Using Virtual Desktop you can have a triple screen setup (2560 x1440 x3) for your sim racing game and can arrange the screens anyway you like (with the added bonus of not having any monitor frames to hide). 

Of course we have a hardware limitation on the Quest side - Quest 3 only has 2064 x 2208 but that is not really an issue here. This is because you do not just display the pixels of the virtual monitor directly mapped to the headset displays, instead what you see will be a scaled version of what is rendered on the PC side. Because of your head movement the scaling will slightly differ all the time which is actually beneficial for the image quality. This downscaling and then upsampling in VR is handled by Virtual Desktop very efficiently and results in a very clear image, much higher than what the resolution of the LCD panels on the Quest might suggest.

How to do it

  1. Get Meta Quest, preferably Quest 3.

  2. Buy Virtual Desktop on Horizon Store (Meta Quest App store)

  3. Set Virtual Desktop to Beta Release Channel

  4. On your PC download the Virtual Desktop Beta Streamer from Github

  5. Have a router that's Wifi 6, better if 6e, and future ready if Wifi 7

  6. Connect a controller or keyboard/mouse after following the setup instructions (the Quest headset can send bluetooth over wifi if you want to ditch the desk for another area)

  7. Add and move your physical or virtual (as in extra ones that we pretend that you have) displays and game away.


To get a triple monitor setup you are looking at a serious investment as it involves not only the monitors but also the stand for them and in most cases a dedicated sim rig and a lot of space. That is not something you will do unless you are all in on the idea of a triple screen setup and even then, will require a lot of fiddling around with monitor frame alignment, cabling and in game and GPU driver adjustments.

A Meta Quest 2 (which will do the exact same as the Quest 3 except for the much better colour pass through) can now be bought at a ridiculous 199GBP so there really is no reason not to try this out now. The added bonus is that you can get into VR sim racing (full 3D, not flat screen 2D) if you wish to give that a try and of course, the Quest itself is a fantastic little gaming console on its own. 

Whats more - you can now run Xbox cloud gaming within the Quest as well - allowing you to play Xbox games on a gigantic virtual screen while sitting on your couch (Xbox and Meta have even announced an Xbox "themed" Quest although thats probably just a Quest 3 with a touch of green and a Xbox controller in a bundle).

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