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  • Hello. I wanted to get some more information about your quick release for logitech g29. If it is possible to buy it and the price includes shipping to Italy. Best regards Andrea

  • Good morning guy,

    I have discovered your work yesterday evening by a video on YouTube and i’m so glad to have find a so beautiful work for my wheel :):):)

    I have a G920, i have bought it in one year ago and i love it so much, i used it on Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 1 (i don’t like the second), AMS2.

    I like drive GT3 or GT4 and when i watch your wheels i’m loved of them lol

    Sorry ofr my bad english i’m french and i try to talk with you without translate for perform my english

    So, i have just a question please, in your video, you explain the Logitech quick released, it works weel on the video but like you explain, withtout electronics for the moment. I want to take an order of a new wheel of your shop, a Logitech GT Series One G920, but it’s better i wait for this you have finished the project of quick release or i can take my order and i will order the quick release in few months ?can i add the quick release later ?

    Thanks a lot and it’s a rea


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